Friday, August 31, 2007

Meat Sweats

"It was all I could have ever hoped for AND MORE!," was the comment Justin said that stuck out in my mind about the Rib Cookoff tonight. Not only was it good times with good people but the food was phenomenal.

Justin, Lea, Jeff and I got to the Rib Cookoff ahead of everyone else...slackers. Hell, if you have tickets for an all you can eat event that starts at 4pm - be there, lined up with your "A" game at 3:45...sheesh!

We surveyed the area - there were about 200 tables of 10 people and the place was empty except for a few hard core foodies, like us. We made note of all of the ribs, side dishes, BBQ sauces and then found the drinks...included was water, soda, beer, wine and Jack Daniels bottled mixed drinks, oh, and ice cream bars to cool us off.

We sat down with our first set of ribs - the air was cooler than it had been in days because a storm was rolling in. We ate while it started to rain - it felt good though! The rain only lasted for about 20 minutes and then the sun came out...and boy, was it HOT. We adjusted the umbrella at our table and continued through plates one and two. After plate 2, Justin was at Rib # 24. I thought he was going to loose momentum, but he didn't. He forged ahead on not ribs but ice cream. 6 bars of ice cream and an additional 4 ribs and 4 hours later, he called Uncle.

After we got home and sat on the couch for about 1/2 hour before we called it a night. I woke up about an hour ago with, I swear, meat sweats. As I got up, Justin sat up in bed and fumbled for his TUMS and I asked him why he was up. He said simply, "Meat is trying to get out." Enough said.

The Nugget

24 kinds of Ribs

The Nugget was prepared for the mess

Sauce for days

That is the way to have an ice bath

Crowds of people in the Rib Village listening to the entertainment

The three guys responsible

Good times


And Lea

Just in case

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