Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A new pug face around our place

Justin has been wanting, no needing to have a 3rd pug. After 2 years of not agreeing and questioning whether we should get a 3rd AND FINAL pug (yes, I have it in writing from Justin that his "pack of pugs" ends at number 3) we came across a SMOKIN' deal...a 2 week old female for...get this $100. What more of a sign did I need? Especially since pugs are between $500-$650. So we saw her for the first time last night.

We are looking for a name. I still like "Pugsbunny", which is what we were going to name Olive but because we have Pugzilla - the names sound too much alike. But right now we like "Martini" as a name because, hello...Olive and Martini...how cute is that? But we want other names to consider...so take a look at the pictures and if you would be so kind, email me as many names that you can think of.

We will be able to pick up the new little pug in Mid September. :)

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