Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was so much fun. And totally exhausting at the same time.

Friday: my boss and co-worker too me out to the bar where we answered questions from the 80's Trivial Pursuit game. Guess who won...again? Me! I am the champion of 80's questions fo' sho'. Then Justin picked up his Grandma and Aunt. We all went out to dinner and dropped them at their hotel while Justin and I waited up for Justin's parents and sister to drive in from San Jose. We visited briefly and I went to bed and left Justin and his sister to hang out. But before I went to bed I ate some of my birthday cake...Costco cake...there was way too much for us to eat if we were to get into the cake on I made a unilateral decision to get into 2 days early. Justin and his sister both had some as well. Tradition be damned

Saturday: I visited with my in-laws and my sister and her husband came up for a visit as well. She came bearing gifts...some lotion and body spray that I love so much as well as her homemade jam, like 5 different kinds! Super Yum! Then later in the evening we all went to my favorite restaurant, The Outback, for dinner and headed to a comedy show at the Silver Legacy. The comedian there was awesome, a little vulgar, but in a funny kind of way.

Sunday: (My actual birthday.) I woke up to decorations that Justin and his sister put up. Justin made an awesome breakfast from scratch. That is where we all tried my sister's jam. Each of us took a piece of toast and broke it into 4 (I put out 4 of the 5 different kinds) and taste tested each one. We each had our favorites...mine was the Strawberry Lemon Marmalade. Oh so good! After a relaxing day of bowling, then swimming, then playing Wii well into the evening. Justin and I were up with his sister until 2 am or 3 am talking, its hard to even remember. Everyone gave me such wonderful presents! Everyone was so darned thoughtful.

Monday: We all went out for lunch and everyone left. Justin and I did some shopping down in Reno - some for Halloween, some just spending my Birthday money on a couple of Wii games.

All in all, it was a great visit and wonderful birthday weekend. We laughed a lot, good times and good people.

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