Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Love Notes

Justin's socks are EVERYWHERE! I'm surprised you haven't found any of his socks at your house. Justin takes his shoes and socks off wherever he feels like. And then as Justin is taking his shoes off he has trained Pugzilla (and Pugzilla has subsequently trained Olive) to take his socks a game. Pugzilla and Olive will tear off Justin's socks, mostly, with Justin's help and then carry his smelly socks in their mouths...aren't you glad you let them lick you on your face now?

Well, I decided to do laundry earlier this week ~ before I went to work. And in the middle of gathering all of our clothes, I picked up Justin's socks that were strewn all around our bedroom. I followed them down the hallway and continued to pick them up in the living room, dining room, family room and kitchen. I became fed up. I figured I would leave Justin a cute note on our White Board. (Which is where we write down our To Do lists, Grocery lists and Love Notes.)

Here is a picture of the whole white board:

And this is the note I wrote to him:

He woke up that morning and found my "random" note waiting for him. It made him laugh 5 times.

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