Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Hoff-Off 2007, Part One

Before you continue reading this posting...please take a moment to read Justin's posting. He sets the stage for our Hoff-Off.

My Hoff-Off, Part One Response to Justin's posting:

I do not have a tolerance for stupid people. I just don't. Especially when someone pretends to be stupid to further their career (e.g., Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and David Hasselhoff). I also don't like stupid jokes...you know the ones that end in the classic drum and cymbal combination of ba-da-bum and you groan afterward because it's not even remotely funny? That sums up David Hasselhoff for me: stupid person, stupid jokes.

He is a cartoon character of himself now, whoring (that's right Justin - whoring with a W) himself out to make money. And people eat this stuff up. Why? I just don't get it.

Tell me, is this funny?

We tried to watch it last Friday night when Scott was over in the middle of our Hoff-Off debate. It was so sad that Scott asked Justin to turn it off. Justin even said that that killed the mood of our debate.

Instead of reinventing himself and moving on from his "glory days" of being in Knight Rider he lives in the past. He is that sad old man sitting in the corner of a bar reliving his past...he is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. There is nothing to be proud of rummaging around in your own past. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on into the future. He should be proud of what he accomplished back then. He should feel lucky to have experienced such success because he probably won't be able to supersede it. Unless he changes his image...which I can only hope for and step away from this crap:

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