Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Deal

So I am hosting a really cool spa party on Friday. And I have to clean the house before then.

This was our conversation last night:

Melanie: Can you steam clean before the party if I dust and vacuume?

Justin: Sure. But you have to come with me pet sitting tonight.

Melanie: But I was going to dust and vacuume while you were gone.

Justin: Dust now and I'll vacuume before I steam clean.

Melanie: But you also have the dishes to do.

Justin: I'll vacuume and steam clean if you do the dishes and come with me pet sitting.

Melanie: How is that a deal?

Justin: And I'll clean the guest bathroom - toilet, trash and mop.

Melanie: If you have the mop out, can you mop the kitchen floor too?

Justin: Fine.

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