Monday, August 6, 2007

It's Official!

We received a phone call on Saturday morning from the President of the Chamber of Commerce here in Fernley asking us what we were doing on October 1st because he was looking for people to count the votes for the coming up election of board members. Justin told him that we can't do it because we are going to run for the Chamber Board. That's right. Justin and I on one ticket...running for the Chamber Board. What? What? What?

I have to submit a letter of intent and a letter stating what we can bring to the board (which is what will be our campaign material) sometime this week.

Justin and I talked about it several times but never decided if we were actually going to do it or not. But we are committed now. And this is a good thing. If we were to really mull it over we probably wouldn't actually do it. We just need to jump in and get it done. We'll see how it goes. I'm confident that Justin and I can bring a wide array of skills and knowledge. Also we are fresh blood. Something that the Chamber needs, we think.

We aren't running for a specific slot...we just run for the board and then after the board is elected, I think, is when the jockeying for position happens. So who knows? Justin and I could end up President and Vice President.

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