Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Masthead

I found a great tutorial online for may have noticed my new masthead. It comes straight from hell. Actually, I thought it would be funny to have a hellish design on something called "The Merry" anything really.

The design is from that tutorial..well the fiery effects are from the tutorial, the rest I did on my own (a whole 3 minutes of my own creativity). I use online tutorials to learn mainly. Photoshop is so dang hard that this gives me little mini learning sessions while creating something cool. In this tutorial I was taught to do some things that I didn't know existed in Photoshop, like how to rob a bank and how to paint my nails without getting those tiny bubbles in there...very cool stuff.

I don't think I can say it enough...I LOVE PHOTOSHOP. I do however think that the creators have made things way to difficult but I'm willing to put up with it in order to do some freakin' cool things.


New Fool said...

Hey there. I'm a guy that walks around saying quick things to sexy women but they're not sure if I really said it. Who are you?

Anonymous said...

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