Friday, June 29, 2007

Moods: bad, tired, emotionally exhausted

A couple of days ago I had a very emotionally exhausting conversation with someone (no names, no details). I took a sleeping pill that night and was exhausted all day yesterday. I finally got a good, non-medicated, night of sleep and feel better but still a bit tired.

This weekend is going to be great but crazy. We have Justin's parents coming up and we are suppose to be decorating our entry for the Fernley 4th of July Parade (the biggest event in Fernley). They are going to help us. In the heat. In our garage. They are troopers for sure.

I will have pictures of the entry from the parade after the 4th, we are being hush hush about it because (1) we aren't sure what exactly we are doing (2) we don't want anyone to steal our idea and then come up to Fernley (because we are paranoid that some random person from 500 miles away will do this) and win 1st place in the Novelty category, we want a 2 year winning streak.

OK, you forced it out of me...I'll tell you about our float entry. JUST KIDDING. I'm not going to tell...I'm not going to tell. But I will say that my sister and her husband are coming up to be in the parade with us. Ohhhh, exciting. Does that give you any kind of idea of what we are doing? No? Good.

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