Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Father-In-Law is funny

Justin's parent spent the weekend with us here in Fernley and what a great time we had. We all played our newly acquired Wii and had a blast. Then we showed them the "Dick in a Box" video on YouTube that we love so much. They thought it was very funny too. That was Saturday.

Then Sunday evening before they started getting ready to leave, Pugzilla (our 5 year old Pug) was sitting on Justin's lap. Pugzilla heard a noise and jumped down, using Justin's eh..hem, "man junk" as a spring board. (This behavior is typical of both Pugzilla and Justin.) Justin made his grunt of displeasure noise, as almost any man would having a 40 pound anything use your balls as a springboard. Justin's Dad looks at him, which great fatherly concern and says, "You should have put your junk in a box."

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