Saturday, March 17, 2007

Best Buy and Leprechauns

Today I have righted a one year old wrong. I walked into Best Buy with Justin; we bought one bottle of water, one bottle of Coke. I asked the girl to ring me up for 2 waters...she said, "But you have only one." I replied, "Almost a year ago, I inadvertently stole a bottle of water from here, walked right out without paying for it and it has been on my mind ever since. I need to karmicly right this."

I am now free from the karmic retribution that I so deserved. I can stop thinking about that damned bottle of water each time I drive by Best Buy. Sweet freedom!

Justin and I were driving down in Carson City today...we were driving down the auto row when it dawn on me that each of the dealerships have some kind of green and white balloons going all along their parameter. Then there was this one dealership with green, white and orange balloons. I asked Justin, "Why the orange?" His reply, "It's because orange is a sign of Leprechaun blood." At which point I just broke down laughing. Only Justin would think of that.

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