Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Haircut, thyroid and Whole Foods oh my!

My haircut. My hair looks cute. I had her cut off about 2-2 1/2 inches and layer my hair to incorporate my long bangs into my hairstyle. I haven't posted a picture because it is not that dramatic, really you can't even tell that my hair is shorter. The only difference is that I no longer have to bobby pin my bangs back.

My thyroid. Wow and wow. I forgot to post this last week. I told my new physician that my old physician in San Jose said that I have a low thyroid. My new physician wanted to do a blood test before we put me on drugs. So I complied. I went for a follow up last week and she said that my thyroid looks fine. (complete double take on my part.) "How can a thyroid fix itself?," I asked. She said that once you have been diagnosed with a low thyroid, it will never fix itself. I went over my symptoms with her again and then she said that there are two schools of thought on diagnosing hypothyroidism: (1) there is scale that has been used for years from .05-5.25 and if you fall in that range you are considered normal. (2) there is a new scale that Endocrinologists are now using that ranges from .05-2.00. I am at a 2.75 or something like that. I am out of the new scale range but not the old one. Therefore it was up to me if I wanted to be treated for it or not. HELL YES I WANT TO BE TREATED! Holy crap...if you look at this webpage and look at the Thyroid column, I have about 90% of they symptoms.

I am so floored that there is a new school of thought and physicians are still using the old ranges. I can't even tell you how hellish my life has been with an untreated thyroid. Seriously, there have been points in time that Justin has told me that I have the heart of a robot because I under react emotionally. There have been other points where I have thought that I was going crazy with the depression, tiredness, low energy and even slower thinking. I am just so happy that I started taking the thyroid medication, I am only on day two so I haven't really noticed a difference except for my sleep patter is getting worse but that is probably environmental and not biological. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks my energy will be up, mood will be better, etc. Enough BMW'ing about this onto happier news.

Reno is getting...hold onto your seats...a Whole Foods! I nearly peed in my pants because I was so happy when I found this out. We will actually be able to get more than 4 kinds of cheese, really great meat and fish and super fresh fruits and veggies...and on top of that dolmas and curry chicken salad....YES! I wish I knew an expected date of their opening, I would put a clock on this site counting down the seconds until their opening.

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