Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reno Rib Cookoff

Each year the five days before and ending with Labor Day is the Reno Rib Cookoff. This thing is huge...even the Food Network did a special on it in 2006. And this year, after only living in Northern Nevada for two years, we get to experience it the way that every person should, we are going to be part of the Rib Village Tables. This is a special section away from all of the crowds and crowds of people. To quote the email I received: "Tables are $800 each for tables of 10 people and include all the ribs and beverages you can responsibly handle." You can't buy a seat, only a table. And this year I am a part of it...thanks to my work. They have purchased 2 tables. Justin and I are really excited because this year, instead of spending an arm and a leg on a few ribs from a couple vendors and trying to locate a spot on a curb or grass to enjoy the ribs..we get to kick back in a special sections, trying all of the vendors' ribs.

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