Monday, April 2, 2007

This weekend

Friday I posted on our dry erase board the following:
  1. Laundry
  2. Clean
  3. Hanly's Hounds Books
  4. Hanly's Hounds Newsletter
  5. Hanly's Hounds Marketing materials
  6. Take pictures for our website
  7. Hook up our new printer
  8. Get a pull down shade for our bedroom
  9. Vacuum
  10. Homework (from my seminar a few weeks ago)
  11. Buy yoga DVD
I was able to cross of the shade for our bedroom, the marketing materials for Hanly's Hounds. 2 items. 2 out of 11. Which is why I am up at 5am...putting together a newsletter so I can send it out with our bills (item number 3 on my list). But in order to actually print out our newsletters and bills, I need number 7 to be done.

What did we do this weekend?? Good question. Completely unplanned events: We went for a long buggy ride on Saturday, about 4 hours long. We were too exhausted (being in the sun the whole time) to do anything...except somehow we found enough energy to hang out at our local bar Saturday night. Then on Sunday Justin wanted to go to the Home and Garden show in Reno...I quickly made some Tshirt Transfers of Hanly's Hounds logos, grabbed a couple (yes, he has more than one) neon green tshirts and put on matching shorts and hats and headed there in our Hanly's Hounds vehicle. We attracted a lot of attention in the parking lot. Did I mention that Justin installed a PA system in the Subaru? So when he sees someone walking by he can bark, meow, moo..or any of about 100 sounds at the press of a button. I was completely embarrassed, but luckily he was he kept pressing the bark button 3 times then followed by a quick meow...he got into a rhythm...bark, bark, bark, meow...bark, bark, bark, meow. I heard it in my sleep last night.

I'm rambling. My original point was, we didn't get much done. And I'm stalling here writing this. Back to my newsletter....

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