Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kissing Justin is not without danger

Living in Northern Nevada has its issues, but probably the most annoying, besides the scorching sun, the lack of green anything, liberal smoking policies is the constant static electricity. Seriously, we walk around our house during the driest seasons (oh, which is every season) and discharge ourselves by constantly touching something. Because a small shock is way better than a freaking huge one that stings for several minutes, we have to discharge ourselves often. Seriously, at work, each time I touch the damned filing cabinet I get shocked. Its like having the stomach flu and waiting to throw up after you've had a sip of water. I know it is going to happen and I brace myself. To compensate, when the static electricity is especially bad, Justin and I have created a necessary rule...we have to touch each other to discharge ourselves before we kiss.

We created this rule for a reason: sometime last year we kissed without discharging ourselves and a shock arched from Justin's nose to mine. We actually saw it. And it was painful. Painful enough for each of us to get pissed off at the other while grabbing our respective noses. To save ourselves hating the other person, we created that rule.

On a similar note, when Justin hasn't shaved for a few days his facial stubble grows prickly. And if we kiss and he moves the perfect way, his stubble will hit an area of my nose and upper lip that causes me great discomfort, enough for me to pull back, say "owww!" and hit him at the same time. I think he deserves that because he has known this bothers me for 6 years and still does it.

So this evening he leans over to kiss me, I immediately touch his face ( to discharge me) and stick my lips out as far as possible (as to not touch his stubble). Kissing Justin is not without danger.

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