Tuesday, April 3, 2007

6 year "dating" anniversary tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 6 year "dating" anniversary with Justin. Our 5 year wedding anniversary is on May 4th..but Justin and I will be together for 6 years. And I want Justin to know (even though he doesn't read my blog...maybe once he does he will be surprised at what I am writing here) a some of the reasons why I appreciate him so much (in no particular order and this is by far not a comprehensive list):
  1. He puts up with my crap. A lot of crap sometimes.
  2. He is an amazing kisser.
  3. He takes care of the Pugs. I just enjoy their company.
  4. He will clean when I ask him to. I just have to ask more often :)
  5. He loves me. A lot.
  6. He says he wants to die before me because he couldn't bear living without me if I were to go first.
  7. He is funny. Not just a little funny. He makes me laugh all the time.
  8. He enjoys being lazy as much as I do.
  9. He will do anything for me.
  10. He gets me water in the middle of the night if I wake him up (which I don't).
  11. He makes me go to the doctor and take medication if there is something wrong (which I am prone to not doing either).
  12. He is cute when he is not happy, especially in the mornings when he first wakes up.
  13. When I worked in Reno, he would make my lunch for me every day. And put snacks in there for me...in little baggies.
  14. For our wedding anniversaries he gets me the traditional gift. First year was paper, he bought me a map that we have framed above our fireplace. Second year was cotton, he bought me a hammock, which I had him return because it was too expensive (we were broke). Third year was leather, he wanted to get me a leather rose (but it was too expensive and we were broke). Fourth year was flowers and he bought me the biggest basket bouquet of flowers I had ever seen. Fifth year is candy....mmmmmm candy! Now he has already bought me some Eye Candy (see previous blogs for pictures of the ring I am getting). But I wonder if I will get some actual candy...maybe maple candy from Canada since that is where we will be??
  15. I love how he will wake up, sit on the edge of the bed wrapped in a blanket willing himself to wake up and get moving. It usually takes about 10 minutes of self talk to make it happen.
  16. He has to have his "Costco" socks...new pairs every year. He checks for matching softness of the socks before he puts them on his feet...if he has one sock more worn down than the other the world will come to an end. He does it so we can all continue to live.
  17. He is the puppet master; of everyone else but me. :)
  18. He cooks dinner almost every night.
  19. He is the worlds best husband, even though we bicker back and forth in front of many of you (it is really for entertainment purposes only...it make you laugh and it makes us laugh), we really do not argue much.
  20. I love spending time with him.
  21. He is my husband. He chose me.
Justin - if you ever read this...know that I love you so much. Happy 6 year dating anniversary tomorrow. Thank you for asking me out again.

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