Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The dangers of Pooper Scooping

Justin's day went something like this yesterday:

  • He pooper scooped his first house.
  • He went to his second house and pooper scooped that.
  • He bagged up the poop for the second house and went to throw it away in the client's garbage can.
  • He had flashbacks from The Godfather...
It's a normal garbage can....

Lurking inside....

It's and Antelope head. That's right, I said an Antelope head.

How freakin' crazy is that? Does that remind you of The Godfather movie?

(By the did we find out it was an Antelope head? We showed the pictures to our friend Scott...we thought it was a deer, but being the woodsy type guy that he is, he quickly corrected us that it was an Antelope. We would have never known.)

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