Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Hanly's Hounds intentions...

The past few days have been busy for me and Justin. Especially Justin.

In the past three weeks, since we had our Hanly's Hounds car wrapped...we have increased business by 35%. Justin was busy from 7:00 am until after 5:00 pm for his Reno clients on Tuesday. And he is feeling it. His neck hurts (from looking down on the ground for over 8 hours), his elbow hurts from carrying the pooper scooper. He had to go back down to Reno yesterday to finish up two first time clean ups (the most time consuming).

Justin makes me laugh...he is like House. You know how House had the motto that all patients lie? Well, Justin thinks that of all of his new customers...they apparently lie about how long it has been since they have cleaned their back yard of dog poop. He just wants them to be honest, like going to confession..."Forgive me Mr. Hanly, it has really been 8 months since I last cleaned, not 1 week like I told you originally."

I know that our business is going to take off...and I'm ready. We have had the business for about a year now and it has steadily increased. But I can feel a boom coming. A huge boom. And I'm ready to be busier than I have ever been~ ready to work at my regular job and Hanly's Hounds. I have already worked it out with my boss that I can take Hanly's Hounds phone calls if Justin can no longer pooper scoop and answer his cell phone. I'm ready for all of our bills to be paid off. I'm ready for my job to be a true secondary income to pay off those bills and then transfer to a healthy savings and for vacations. I'm so ready.

It's funny; I have been on this self exploration journey, hence my posted contract with myself: I am a fun, caring, loveable, honest woman. And through this self exploration, I have never felt more grounded. The next thing I am going to be doing is creating my top 10 values...comparing those with Justin's top 10 values and then merge them for a unified value system for me and him. I feel that I need solidify our values for a higher purpose, although I am not sure what that is yet. In some ways I feel I am grounding myself, preparing for having children (this is by no way a declaration of being pregnant or actually wanting to have children right down…)

Anyway. Enough thinking and declarations for today.

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