Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I had so many things to post about...

I had so many things to post about over the weekend. I kept telling myself, oh, I need to put that online...but I have forgotten them all. I'll just have to update you on the past few days.

Justin and I went down to San Jose for a quick trip for Justin's Grandma's decoy 80th birthday party...the one where we sprang the surprise cruise. And boy was she surprised. Everyone had nicknamed her "Eyore" because she was so mopey several days up to her party. She said that she didn't want anything big, just a family party but she changed her mind two days before the decoy party, wanting something bigger. She was super mopey. She completely changed her attitude once the cat was out of the bag.

Anywho...so we were in San Jose for less than 48 hours, just enough time for me to get sick. Most of you know that I have severe allergies all year round, medication only makes the symptoms bearable, it does not remove them. So I have noticed a cycle that happens every few months: my sinuses get clogged and at a seemingly random point drain...then I end up getting sick and throwing up mucus. But part of the stuff drains into my chest. So I started coughing Saturday night as my sinuses started to drain, then Sunday came and I started throwing up and was very cold, but no one thought I had a fever, including me. The drive back to Fernley was horrible, a mix of me being super cold, sinuses still draining, me coughing and throwing up. Nice sounds for Justin who had no choice but to listen since he was driving.

Sunday night came and I took some sleeping pills so I could at least knock myself out and maybe get some rest. I slept mostly through the night but was freezing cold. I slept until 2:30pm Monday, still freezing. My body was burning up. Justin took my temperature and it was above 102. He gave me some Tylenol to bring the fever down. Half an hour later I took my own temperature because I felt dizzy and I felt like I was starting to hallucinate (which I have done before with high temperatures) and my temp read 105.4. CRAPITY CRAP! I got my ass into a cold shower for about 20 minutes while Justin looked up on Web MD if I should be taken to the emergency room. The shower worked and my temperature started dropping, 103...102...100...98. Phew.

I'm feeling better now, still coughing. Taking today off as well, I want to make sure that I don't get a relapse. I haven't been able to sleep at all, I think because I slept until 2:30 yesterday.

If I remember all of the things I was going to post about, I'll post it. In the meantime, I can't have a conversation without starting to cough violently, so email will have to do for now.

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