Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anniversary Present

5 year Anniversary present

I'm getting a new wedding set for our 5 year anniversary, officially on May 4th. Unofficially, once the ring is delivered...I'm so wearing it. I don't care if it comes tomorrow...I'm so wearing it.

But now that I know I'm going to have a new wedding set (something that I have wanted for several years now) I'm beginning to feel sad about not wearing my current wedding set. I'm keeping it because I can't bear to part with it. But I wanted something different; something that I feel is more my style and I should have been wearing since day one. But the jeweler we went to (Justin knew the owner and he gave us a deal) didn't have anything like this.

Anywho - I'll have my current wedding set to wear on nostalgic days...

This is going to be the new you like?

(It is a princess and baguette side stone and wedding band with an Asscher Cut diamond in the center.) Ohhhh la la.

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