Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mineral Girlz

Mineral Girlz

I went to a dreaded "sale" party last night. This is the second one I've been to in a month. The first one was a Papered Chef Party...not bad all in all, I spent about $60 on stuff...the best thing though was a micro plane grater mandolin.

Last night's party though was pretty cool. It was by a company called Mineral Girlz. It is make up for tweens. But the rep was there showing their lotion...which get choose the color and the scent and mix it yourself. It is pretty cool. The base lotion (8 oz) is like $5.00 then $1.25 for a scent and $1.25 for a color. Not bad. And it was decent lotion too. So I bought three combinations:
Melanie's = cucumber melon scent with green apple color
Carol and My Mom don't know they are getting theirs but I'll spoil the surprise on here:
Carol's = peach smell with dreamy orange color
Mom's = pecan pie smell with pure gold color

I'm pretty sure my Mom will like hers, not sure about Carol's though. But Carol, I will switch with you if you don't care for peach smell.

Anywho...their website is, click on Body and you'll have the list of stuff there. They also have shampoo, body wash, etc.

It's just cool! Their spelling leaves a lot to be desired... (I hate things spelled with a Z instead of an S.)

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