Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In both Fernley Newspapers

As most of you know we do a walk through Haunted House each year, we started it in San Jose and we have carried it over to Fernley.

We are in both papers today! The Lahontan Valley News and the Fernley Leader Courier. (Fernely editions of the papers come out on Wednesdays.) In the Fernley Leader Courier we have a big picture of the front of our house in the front page with a caption on top that says "Enter if you Dare..." and below our address and such. I haven't been through that paper to find an article, Justin will do that this morning.

Below is a link to the Lahontan Valley News...we are on Page 2, it takes up almost 1/2 of the page and has a picture of our front yard.

I am thinking that we are going to break our record for the amount of kids coming to our house. Some of our neighbors are scared..saying that they need to buy more candy. :) Heck, I'm scared now. I think we are also going to have a line in front of our house, something Justin has always wanted.

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