Monday, October 23, 2006

Really? Really?

Right - so my old boss in Reno called me up, said that he wants to "woo" me back. Seriously. He said that he and a couple of the other partners want to take me out to dinner next week. They said they know what I wanted to make. When they were counter offering me when I put in my notice I told them I what I wanted to make - over 50% more than what I was making at the time, they didn't go for it. Now, apparently they are willing to go for it.

I'm sure I am going to turn them down, I am too happy now and I am learning that it is hard to put a price on happiness. However, if they come back with some insane amount of money, it might not be so hard to put a price on happiness. Right now, I think I want to go through the process of being "wooed" and such, it is after all very flattering. :)

And FYI - I am now bobby-clipping my bangs looks very nice and they are out of my face. Nice!

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