Monday, September 4, 2006

Getting Old

Most of you know my past histories with birthdays - they suck. I've ended up in the hospital twice, parents fighting, a failed trip to Disneyland when I was a kid...Something always ends up happening, more stories for my blog at a later date.

This year it was age. My body told me loud and clear that I am officially old. I woke up Friday morning with a kink in my neck and shoulder that left me with almost no range of motion. To look in either direction, I had to turn at the waist. Throughout the day it kept getting worse and worse. By the time Friday night came, I took some Demerol (courtesy of my Mom, thank you very much) and thought it would be fine in the morning. Oh how wrong I was.

I will spare you the long string of complaints, as that is what old people have a tendency to do - like anyone cares except the person complaining. Bottom line - body hurts, getting old, this is sucky.

All in all, it was a good day. My sister came up and made fabulous bruchetta and hummus - my Mom actually came by our house (first time since Thanksgiving --she lives not more than 8 miles away) --we went to dinner and had yummy steaks --then to a comedy show where I promptly fell asleep because I was on more of my Mom's drugs (again thank you very much).

And the best thing...Justin, my wonderful husband, cleaned the whole house! Swept, mopped, dusted, even cleaned the baseboards - how awesome is that!!! He is so good to me.

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