Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Freakin' good Samaritans

Justin and I drive up to the only BofA drive though ATM in town, actually it is the only BofA Bank in town...and as we get to the AMT the screen says "Would you like another transaction?" Now mind you, we did not put our card in yet...then we realize, someone drove away, left their card in the ATM having already entered their PIN number. If there was ever a moment of being good Samaritans, this was THE moment. Now that did not stop us from doing a balance inquiry just to see how screwed these idiots would be...they had a little less than $500 in their checking account - we didn't bother to see what was in their savings. They would have been screwed if anyone else would have driven up to that ATM machine - we could have easily pulled out money - but we didn't. We let the card get eaten by the machine, so we knew no one else would get to it - got our $40 out of our account and drove away.

Freaking good Samaritans - I hate us.

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