Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chicken Eggs

Justin is pet sitting for a house that has cows, horses, chickens, ducks, a dog and two cats. I enjoy going with him so I can pet the horses and the cows. Which is a novelty for this city girl.

Justin did tell me today that I am not Green Acres material because of what I apparently do not know about farm life. See, Justin has been taking home farm fresh eggs, of which we have almost a dozen right now. When Justin gets the eggs home he washes them to get the dirt off of them, but he doesn't get all of the dirt off - and he put them in our egg container in our refrigerator. All good, right? So wrong!

There are three eggs that can't fit in the egg container - so they are roaming around the refrigerator. And I have moved these eggs to several parts of the fridge to get them out of the way or to put them in a safer place so they wouldn't fall out.

Back to the farm - yesterday Justin walked into the chicken/duck pen to retrieve some eggs that have been sitting out for a couple of days - he decided to not keep them (because they have been in the hot weather and they would have not been good to eat). He had about a half dozen eggs that he decided that each one should be thrown as far away as possible into the vast field behind us. It looked like fun so I asked Justin if I could thrown one, so I did.

We got ready to leave when he turned on the hose to wash his hands, he asked if I want to wash mine, I said yes, but why? He said because of the CHICKEN POO. The what??? Chic-ken-poo. When did I touch chicken poo, I asked...he said on the eggs. WHAT?? (This is when Justin decided I could never live on a farm.)

Justin explained to me that amongst the dirt on the chicken eggs, that there was chicken poo. Holy shit. Did you know that? I sure as hell didn't! And I touched it. Horrible yuckiness.

Then it dawned on me, like a light bulb going off...there are chicken poo eggs in our refrigerator. The eggs that didn't fit in the egg carton...that at my doing, have roamed all around the shelves...chicken poo on our shelves.

A long discussion - mostly of me being grossed out and Justin laughing (why would he laugh??...there is a serious problem of chicken poo in our refrigerator).

Damn It, Chicken Poo Eggs! Needless to say, I had to buy bleach - a sponge and gloves for the battle royal... The Refrigerator vs. The Chic-ken-poo Eggs.

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