Wednesday, August 30, 2006

White Trash Rhinestone Cowboy

There has never been a time when I wanted my camera more than yesterday at 10:30 am on Main Street in Fernley.

I am driving back from getting coffee and walking down the right hand side of the road is the white trash looking guy (not hard to find in Fernley). Let me describe this White Trash Rhinestone Cowboy...

1) White male, mid 30's, probably a mullet (I couldn't tell for sure since he was wearing a hat - which I will describe in a minute) but definitely long hair in the back, just past the nape of his neck.

2) No shirt - of course, you can't be a White Trash Rhinestone Cowboy with a freakin' shirt on.

3) Silver, ladies and gentlemen, not gray, shimmery slacks.

4) I kid you not...a white, faux diamond studded belt! It was the belt that made me wish I had my camera. How could I not have a camera with me???

5) A hat, not just any hat though - it looked like a woman's soft baseball cap - but in HOT PINK - let me be more specific - 80's hot pink. But I am not sure if it was a "woman's" hat or not.

Oh my goodness! What I would not have given to have a camera right then and there. I think I am going to have to buy myself one just to keep in the car for events like this. I can't let another one of these magical moments pass me by.

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