Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The past couple of weeks

I haven't been posting the past couple of weeks because I just don't feel like I have much to say. I've been in a funk, not sure really why. I'm still trying to pinpoint it. Thanks to Camille, I'm going to update my blog with pictures and explain what excitement happened over the past few weeks, thanks Cammie!

First was Easter dinner at my Mom's house, the Saturday following Easter - since the weather was iffy at best.

Here is Carol and Shawn:
From Easter

My Mom and Ken:
From Easter

Me (with my new haircut):
From Easter

Justin, showing everyone Rock Band:
From Easter

My girlfriend, Rishma, came up for a few days.
I think she liked it enough that she is planning on coming back,
Fernley didn't scare her away.
From Rishma

This past Saturday we woke up with snow on the ground.
A lot of snow for this winter, well, it's spring now and maybe
that was the last hurrah?
Do you see 4 pugs in this pictures and thought we had only 3?
Well, we are pet sitting Martini's brother: Guinness for a couple of weeks.
Justin has wanted to take the buggies out in the snow,
and finally, at the end of April, he was able to:

Then he hit a mini lake, which he misjudged the depth
because it was covered with snow and came back like this:

This past Sunday I posted many pictures from High School
on FaceBook. I didn't think that those photos would have
such the wonderful reaction that they had. I'm so glad I took
the pictures I did back then and wish I had taken more. But
it is a great snapshot of my High School life. The feeling of belonging
and knowing there were always people to accept who you were.
In many ways, I miss those days of camaraderie and innocence.
I feel very blessed to still be in touch with many of the friends I had
in High School, if by nothing else than with a medium of FaceBook.
Here are just a few of the photos:

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