Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recognized out in public

Justin's family came up this weekend to ski at Mt. Rose (a hidden gem in the Reno/Tahoe area). We all went to Sushimoto's here in Fernley for dinner on Sunday night, then after that, we headed to Steve's Homemade Ice Cream (the best ice cream I've ever had) to take back to our house.

That is when it happened...I was recognized. Now, a lot of people know me and Justin here in Fernley because of our crazy business (Hanly's Hounds Pooper Scooper) and because of our free Haunted House each year...but this time I was recognized by my blog. .

Steve (of Steve's Homemade Ice Cream) told me that he appreciated my kind words from the blog I wrote. I immediately was embarrassed because I never think anyone ever reads my blog. But apparently Steve got a call from friends or family in New York saying that he was blogged about. (Hi Steve!) And I turned red and was a little taken back. But it was really cool to have someone else besides family or friends tell me that they read it. So yay! Maybe knowing this will give me inspiration to have less than 17 days between blogs. Maybe.

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KM said...

I read your blog too! I must admit I agree with your opinion of Steve's - YUMMY!!!!