Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I wish I knew how to do or do better...

  1. sing in tune
  2. not care if someone is listening to me sing
  3. ski
  4. exercise each and every day
  5. enjoy exercise
  6. write a song
  7. write a novel
  8. dance like no one is watching
  9. just let go of things
  10. saying I'm sorry
  11. being wrong and being ok with being wrong
  12. dealing with being told what to do (I hate being told what to do)
  13. appreciate poems
  14. talk to new people at a party
  15. not care if people judge me
  16. be ok with myself as is, not have a compulsion to do better, be better
  17. get my degree in psychology
  18. can be still
  19. silence my mind, quiet those thoughts
  20. commit to volunteering to make a difference
  21. be at peace with my dad's death
  22. spotlight faith everyday, not just on special occasions or in times of need
  23. being thankful for what I have
  24. be less critical/judgmental
  25. have an eye for decorating
  26. paint a portrait
  27. play chess
  28. enjoy tetris
  29. spend virtual money on outfits in Rock Band
  30. understand other people's point of view
  31. ride on the back of a motorcycle
  32. sew
  33. knit
  34. garden

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