Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm going to vent for this post. Vent about the 20-something, punk ass, who was in Wal-Mart on Wednesday evening. He was with a group of his other 20-something, punk ass friends. They were all walking down the soda/snack aisle coming toward us. As they passed the popcorn and passed directly next to us - one of the popcorn snacks fell on the floor.

After they passed us, Justin bent down to pick it up. (Ok, for those of you who think you know Justin...he is the type of person who will pick up something that someone else dropped. Before were were dating, he would look at the item, point and say, "You dropped something," and keep on moving. Because of this episode, he is thinking about going back to his former ways.)

As Justin picked up the popcorn, just passed us were the 20-something jerks who PURPOSELY dropped another item. Not realizing the first item was dropped off the shelf on purpose Justin picked it up. Now that another item was dropped, he was pissed. So in his maniliest voice he yells at the roughneck, "Really?" And the guy says, "Oh, I'm sorry." AND DROPS ANOTHER ITEM OFF THE SHELF.

I start calming Justin down because I don't want him in a brawl in Wal-Mart. Although, he could have dropped this 120 pound punk to his knees with one punch. But to avoid the cops and the Fernley Leader coming out and snapping pictures of my husband, smiling, with his hand around the neck of this hooligan while lifting him 3 feet in the air...I talked Justin down.

The jerk and his friends turn up the next aisle. Then after about a minute they pass our aisle again at the end cap, Justin wasn't looking but I was keeping watch. I saw the freakin' ass flip me off and in slow motion mouth the works, "fuck you." In super slow motion. But by the time we got to the end of the aisle to see where they went, they were leaving their full cart by the enterance and leaving.

I seriously don't understand where manners have gone...or is that they live in a small town and all there is to do is toss items off of the shelves of Wal-Mart for fun?

A message to the punk-ass: If you want to have fun, go home, drink your Micky's, screw your girlfriend, have 2 more illigitimate children, threaten to beat your girlfriend, grab your gun and shoot tires in your back yard for target practice. Ya know, do somthing meaningful.


Carol said...

Oh, you forgot "collect more government money for being continuously unemployed and having 10 children with different women so you can get more food stamps".

I do think that manners are completely gone from society. But then again, look at the people who are raising these children (and yes, even at 20-something, they ARE children). I hate to say it, but some of the dumbest and most irresponsible people procreate. Maybe those of us that would teach manners and chivalry, and scare the living crap out of kids should be the ones to procreate. Everyone else should be sterilized. Let's start a movement!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree.. I was in the store the other day and this woman cut in front of me and I said, "excuse me, I was in line and she looks at me with her kids and says, "I guess", to which I reply, "Well, you can see I was," and she mutters something under her breath...

It is sad to see people in the United States, lose focus on manners. When I went to Trinidad as a child, no matter where I was, you walk past someone and they tell you , "good morning" or "hello" It seems here, looking at a person the wrong way can get you hurt.

$25 bucks says those fools are gonna be on Springer or ARE the father...frigging sense of respect...~Rish

Camille said...

I like people like the punk kids...

They make the rest of us look SO DANG GOOD!

Good for your husband. 1. For picking up after them, and 2. for not hauling out and teaching them a lesson in the middle of the snack isle in Walmart... The popcorn all over the floor would have been pretty messy.