Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Poor Baby

We had Pugzilla's eye removed yesterday. He looks terrible. He has to sleep with a cone around his head. He is still doped up on morphine. He just wants to lay in my lap. And I want him to. I want to stay home from work just to baby him. He is our baby.

I feel so bad for him. I feel like a horrible doggie mom. I'm so sad right now. It's just breaking my heart that I can't make his pain go away. And I know he doesn't understand what he did to deserve this.

You did nothing Pugzilla - this is just the way life works out sometimes. And we are so sorry about it. But I promise you, you will feel better. And in 9 days, when the stitches come out and you are able to run around and play again, you will feel so much happier. You won't have any pain in your eye.

But for now, we baby him and love him and hope that love can help with some of the pain and bewilderment his is probably feeling right now.

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