Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been pretty quiet on my blog lately. It is for several reasons...nothing much is going on that I really want to talk about, nothing funny...just depressing stuff really and complaints about my health (sinus infection...allergies...lack of sleep...the usual). I'm in a funk today. I was in funk yesterday and the day before. I think there is just too much on my plate and not enough time. And the feeling of being overwhelmed just stops all progress in favor of burying my head in the sand and wishing for all of those things I have to do...to just fucking go away. (Insert scream here.)


Anonymous said...

1 month and 16 days honey....then you can scream all you want!!!!

Carol said...

I feel ya, I feel ya, I feel ya!!! I love burying my head in the sand - it's a great coping mechanism. :)