Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My new work computer

Ok - so I had to get a new computer for work because I needed to load the Adobe Suite onto it and my old computer was pretty basic and could not handle that software. (I needed the Adobe Suite on it because I've been working on designing a logo for my day job. - I may just have a 3rd career on my hands here, I'm pretty decent at it, especially for a first go round.)

Anywho, Justin ordered a computer for me with all of the components I needed for the Adobe software. Well, let me tell you...I love the new Windows Vista. Maybe because it is just different from the XP I've been using for years...maybe its the 22 inch monitor paired with Vista...or maybe its the 2007 MS Office as well. But it is AWESOME working on that computer and seeing all that it can do.

Yay for new work computers!

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