Thursday, December 13, 2007


We lost our internet connection at work yesterday. The modem was working fine on Tuesday night, then Wednesday morning, we couldn't even get the power to come on.

I frantically called Justin, woke him up, asked him to come in and diagnose the issue. After playign with it for a few minutes he told me, "I'm sorry, but this is dead. You will need to call SBC and order a new one." Damn. I knew at that point there would be no internet at work for me yesterday. Then I called SBC and the soonest they can have one to me is tomorrow. Which means, another whole day without sweet, sweet internet.

I'm going to go mad. Seriously, I don't know what I'm going to do.

I know that there are bigger things to worry about, especially this time of know compassion and all. But really, this is all about me right now. Comfort me damnit. But if you comfort me via comments on here or by email...sadly I won't get them to tonight.


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Rish said...

I can't live w/o the internet. I don't know how I managed on dial up for thing is, it's FREE now!!!! woo!!!! <3 u!