Saturday, December 15, 2007

Internet and Christmas Preparations

First, our internet is back up at work. We received our new modem in the mail, as promised, yesterday at noon. Both my boss and I commented on how hard it was to actually live without it at work. It's hard for me because there are parts of my job that I need to have the internet for, like our medical billing, just a little important I would say. But for other my boss frequently talks to patients and there will be a disagreement on a fact and he will have me look it up. Some exampes: what is the highest mountain range in Nevada?, what year did "Take On Me" come out?, what was Poison's first single?, how far is it to Caliente, Nevada?. Important things like that.

And now that my work life is back to normal let me tell you what not to do at work on a Friday afternoon: make a to do list the weekend before Christmas (I know that this is 2 weekends before Christmas but next weekend doesn't count for us since we will be in San Jose having a fun, relaxing time). The to do list I made for this weekend is about 21 items long. Really. From wrapping present to making homemade marshmallows to working on our Christmas card (that's right, we haven't even taken our Christmas card photo to get them printed), to starting and finishing our Christmas Pug calendar. Big stuff.

So at 6:00 am this morning, I am working on marshmallow tags. Nice, huh? Time to finish that and move onto the next item.

Oh, and the happiest news this holiday season? We are getting some visitors next week...our longtime friends, Hez and Yvette are coming up for a visit with us this week coming up. We couldn't be happier...we don't get to see them all that often and we love spending time with them. Hopefully, this trip will convince them to move back to Northern Nevada (and hopefully, specifically, Fernley).

Have fun working on your own to do lists...I know you have one somewhere.

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