Saturday, September 22, 2007

Puppy and Paris

I'm up at 5:00 in the morning thanks to us taking home our new puppy last night. And it IS everything I remembered it was. Up every 3-4 hours, whining when not ready to go back to sleep...she has been whining in her crate for about 20 minutes now because she isn't tired...I gave her water and formula milk mixed together (she doesn't like plain water yet), I took her to go potty and both those time she just thought it was playtime. No way. We are starting her off with no bending the rules...we've learned from the first 2 pugs that bending the rules does not work out in the end for the two biggest pugs in the house (me and Justin).

She is really cute though. And it is nice having a tiny, tiny, tiny little puppy again who has no coordination and who tries to take on Olive and does a fine job at it. Pugzilla is reacting the same way he reacted with Olive...he can't look at the new puppy. Can't even look at her. But at least this time he can't look at her and he is more dismissive than holding such contempt, as he did with Olive. In a week or two that will change and all three will be playing.

We are still looking for a name. I still like Bunny (Pugsbunny would be her real name). Justin likes Martini. Or Puperoni...and the reason why he likes that is because his nickname for Pugzilla is Sausage. Then we have Olive...and then Puperoni. Funny, yes. But we don't call Pugzilla "Sausage' all of the time, which is why I don't want to call her Puperoni.

Onto Paris. That is where Justin's parents are right now. I'm so excited for them. They are staying in Paris for about 4 days, then they are heading to Spain and getting on a cruise that will take them to Italy, Greece, Turkey. They will end their trip back in Paris for a couple of days. they are having a wonderful time, Justin heard from them yesterday. I hope they take lots of pictures...lots of pictures.

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