Friday, September 21, 2007

Pugs and Vancouver

Well, we get our new pug tonight. We still haven't figured out a name yet. Justin likes Martini. I like Pugsbunny. We both like Reno. We'll probably settle with something totally different. I think once we see her personality, it will be whatever cute nickname comes out of our mouths first.

In the meantime we have been training our two pugs to sleep on the floor. For Pugzilla and Olive the adjustment has been hard. But I think they will ultimately like the fact that they can sleep in peace without being moved around every 2 hours by either Justin or me. I only woke up once early this morning with Olive and that is because the electric throw we bought for her to sleep on (on top of her comfy new dog bed, one for Pugzilla and one for Olive) turns off after 4 or 6 hours and she was cold. The night before I had to get up with them about 4 times. So it is getting better.

We just booked our trip to Vancouver, Washington - a birthday present from Justin's parents. We will be going after Halloween for 3 days to take a look around and celebrate Justin's birthday. I'm excited.

I'm off to take a lesson or two in Italian. Ciao!

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