Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Showdown

The Quiz: I kicked butt! And won. By a lot. So we had written quizzes and I won by about 3 questions. Then my boss had 80s Trivial Pursuit - and he brought an unopened pack of questions and had a couple of people not participating in the quiz help: one read the questions and one kept score. My boss is questioning the ethics of the scorekeeper, but only because he lost. I really got some random questions. For example, which sitcom of the 80s was the first to film an episode in Russia? Answer: Head of the Class. Nailed it! Another, which member of the A-Team would have to break out of a mental hospital to go on their adventures? Answer: Murdock. Nailed that one too. It really was so much fun.

Friday Night Lights: Justin and I hung out at my Mom's house to show her and Ken how to play their newly acquired Wii games. My Mom was stuck on a spell from the Harry Potter Wii game...Justin showed her how to cast the spell so she can continue on her HP adventures. We had a lovely time and ate some pizza and apple pie. How much more American can that get?

Justin and I came back home and Scott came over. Scott is a trivia buff as well, especially with music. And so am I. on! My second trivia game of the day. How much better does that get? We played until 1:30 in the morning before I called it quits. I know Scott came back and won the first game by a mere 5 points. But the last question we had to alternate answers to this question: Name musicians who also act. The battle was on. It took us over an hour and finally had to call it a draw.

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