Friday, August 3, 2007

The Big Day!

Today is the big day at work. Each year we take on a physical therapy student for 6 weeks. Last year's student was fantastic...brilliant and funny and wonderful to be around. This year's student is nothing less. Today is her last day. Sad, yes. We have all grown quite fond of her. But being that this is her last day, we are doing what we did last year in celebration...we are taking her out to lunch and then it is the 80's throw down quiz.

Okay, some back story. My boss is 38 and I am 31. We love 80s trivia. We quiz each other all day. And last year we drew up an 80s quiz and I believe it was my team that won (I was paired with a 19 year old who admittedly didn't know squat about the 80s) and I still beat out my boss who was more aware of the 80s going through it than I was...I was a kid...a kid kid not an adolescent/adult like he was. And I still won.

This year it's harder. I made up the quiz of 40 questions. How could I participate if I made up the might ask? I printed off several quizzes and their answers separately...put the answers in a sealed envelope. Asked coworkers to pick 10 numbers each and those were the quiz questions. All I did was type them up. Two weeks ago, so I honestly don't remember the questions and I have, on my word, not been studying.

Today is the day. We are all going to lunch from 11am to 1pm. A two hour extravaganza. I am again, paired up with someone who admittedly doesn't know anything about the 80s...but we'll see.

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