Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Scooper Review's Masthead

Justin started his own blog. The Scooper Review. He asked me to create a masthead for him. I started one and didn't like it. So we tossed around a couple more ideas. He said he wanted a dog butt on one end of the masthead and didn't care about anything else. He found a picture for me:

Okay. I thought I could work with that. (It's a towel holder by the way.)

So Sunday morning I played in Photoshop. (Have I told you in the past 5 minutes how much I love that program???) And I was able to change that dog butt towel holder into a cartoon dog butt. In only like 15 easy steps!

So this is what I created.

How awesome is that? Did you notice the precise placement of the first "O" in scooper? That's right...it's a bunghole.

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