Monday, July 30, 2007

Risotto, Simpons and a New Purse

This weekend was full of cooking (see last blog). I did make the risotto cakes, and they were delicious. Messy to make, but delicious. Saturday, Justin, his bff Scott and Scott's daughter Larissa went down to Reno to go see the Simpsons Movie. It was wonderful. Funny and well, funny.

After that I was on a mission to get a new purse. Before you roll your eyes because you think I am always getting a new purse because of my purse fetish...I have not gotten a new purse for at least a year. That's right...A YEAR! But I just had this uncontrollable desire to get a new purse.

I do. I admit that I am a purse whore. I will NOT buy a name-brand purse for full price - those prices are RIDICULOUS! So I wait...patiently for items to go on sale. And sometimes my patience is rewarded, sometimes not.

I went to Sears to see if they had any sales going on, they did, but not the name-brand purses I wanted. Yes, I like name-brand purses, that is the only name-brand thing I buy...well, that and makeup but that is a different story.

I went to Macys - and they had a purse sale going on. You know, where they dump all of their purses in a couple of bins and its every purse whore for herself? I went through the first two bins...didn't find anything I wanted...then noticed that there were two more bins down the aisle that I didn't see. So I made a bee line for those. And then I saw it...a summery purse that can easily take me through to fall and winter.

But it is big for me. I normally carry a cell phone, my wallet, some hair ties or bobby pins, and a little bit of essential make up (face powder, lip gloss). I have enough room to host my own party in there.

Here is a bigger picture of it but in a neutral color...the one I have is the multicolored above.

This is the description on The Sak's website:
THE SAK's signature Tightweave crochet in a new concentric circles weave for Spring. This purse in our classic shopping bag silhouette has shiny nickel clasp hardware that attaches the round braided handles to the bag. Magnetic snap closure and matching color, nylon taffeta lining that features a pen holder, cell phone, multifunction and back wall zippered pockets. Multi and blue multi have navy blue lining, neutral multi has chocolate brown lining.
Dimensions: 11.00" long, 5.00" wide, 10.00" high. 9.50" strap drop.

And did I pay $79.00?.............................OH HELL NO! Did I pay $59.00?......................NO F'ING WAY! I paid $39.00, thats right. And I did this in under 20 minutes. Whose your daddy?

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Anonymous said...

Yeeehaw! I LOVE it! I am such a purse and make up whore!!! Who's your Trinidaddy! Hee hee hee