Monday, July 9, 2007

Parties, Rafting and the Grocery Store

Our weekend was full of lots of fun, not at all how I thought it would turn out.

Saturday, we went to a BBQ party, the first proper party we have attended in Fernley, and let me say, it was a blast. We really had a great time. Our hosts were was like being at one of my parties, except without any of the work. And our hosts even gave us a bottle of wine when we left. How nice is that?

Sunday, thanks to my sister, Carol and her husband, Shawn we went river rafting on a self guided tour of a 5 mile stretch on the Truckee River in Tahoe. It was really, really nice and loads of fun. Because we brought with us 8 water guns/canons...we were getting everyone around us wet. Then at some point, there were about 6-8 boats that stalled ahead of us and ambushed us...really, strangers uniting to ambush one raft with 4 people and a dog in it. (Carol and Shawn brought their dog Tess.) One lady even jumped into the water from shore and got into our boat to try to steal our water guns...she was so into it that she literally had her foot on Carols stomach to push her back from taking back the guns. And they stole an ore from us. That is a lot of contempt these people felt. We should have had a black pirate flag with skull and cross bones on it to make ourselves clear to everyone that we mean business on the lazy 5 mile stretch of the river.

After the river we scavenged for a picnic spot in Tahoe at Bank of the West no less...parked our cars and just laid down some towels on a grassy knoll and had ourselves a great picnic. Carol was very thoughtful to pack all of the sandwich fixings and let us make our own preferred sandwiches. She even brought along all kinds of snacks. Justin and I couldn't have asked for a better day, thank you Carol and Shawn...that was awfully nice of you both...we really had a great day.

After I fell asleep in the car the whole way back from Tahoe, we arrived at home and took another nap until about 7pm...we both woke up so hungry. And it was too warm to cook a proper we went to our grocery store (the only one in town right now) to get ourselves some grub. And let me tell you, that is the place to go on a Sunday night...we ran into 4 people that we know...three separate conversations. And one was a prior customer of ours who hadn't paid her bill or responded to threatening letters...we finally dropped off a letter at her house (because she didn't accept the certified letter) stating that we were going to take her to small claims court. She gave us a check there and then, via her son...she didn't want to face us. Nice! Now I am not getting my hopes up...the check could be bad...we have to go to her bank today to find out..but at least we have a response of some kind from her. And the check shows that she agrees she owes us that if the check is bad and we still have to take her to small claims court, that will be some evidence there. is 6 am and it is already 70 degrees outside. I just checked the temperatures and it is suppose to be over 100 for the next 10 days, it has already been over 100 for the past 10 days...freakin' hell! When we moved up here and checked the temperature averages for the year, July and August's highs are suppose to be around 91...this is stupid. We all need better public transportation so we don't have so many cars...damn global warming.

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