Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I thought I blogged about this already...two things:

1) I put up on my blog a way to easily add my blog to a reader so you don't have to check it everyday? I also put up a way that you can put in your email address and anytime I update The Merry Drizzle...you'll get an email of it...just an email of the blog not spam.

2) A couple of weeks ago when Justin's parents were up here Barbara told me about how the Palo Alto Library received a grant to have Rosetta Stone language learning software put on their web. But you need a Palo Alto Library card...and I can't get one...because I live in Nevada and the bastard DMV here took my California license when I applied for a Nevada license....with the California License number that I STILL have committed to memory 2 years later. I long for that license number back...in Nevada the freakin' license number is so long, I won't commit it to memory...oh how I miss my old number...it started with an A then followed by seven easily remembered numbers.

Back to the Palo Alto Library and how I am now unable to get a Library card because I need a California drivers license. Okay...so I was going to go onto the internet and try to see how I can get a fake California ID (because I do not know any shady characters who could get me a fake ID)...but then I thought...oh wait. I have a sister who lives in California who goes to the Bay Area frequently...I would just have to ask for a favor. And because I am not shy about asking for favors...that is exactly what she is going to do. Sneaky style. Like she was performing a covert op...I need to stop watching 24.

You are probably asking...what's with the Rosetta Stone software? Why is it so great? Because it is apparently the fastest way to learn a new language. And I have wanted to learn Italian for a long time...in preparation for my, in my head for now, 6 week European trip to England, France, Belgium and Italy...2 weeks in England...1 in France and Belgium, 2-3 in Italy. But because we don't have the money for that kind of trip for both of us...I may be forced to go by myself...just kidding Justin. Logistically and financially (with owning our own business) the trip is going to be a nightmare unless we win the lottery, then anything is possible.

I've gotten off track again...software! It's just great. And I want access to it. And thanks to my sneaky sister (say that 10 times fast) I'll be able to do it soon. Ciao!

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Carol said...

Yep - I got your back! Next time we go down we will be sure to get that card for you. :)

Oh yeah - if you head to Europe.....uhhhhhh, I may meet up with you in Italy. :) (It would be the perfect excuse to go....and I don't think Shawn really wants to go to Italy).