Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our weekend

I took off this past Friday and made it a 4 day weekend so I could see my sister in law, Shannon, graduate from San Jose State. I started off thinking that I was going to leave work at noon, and then changed that to 10:00, "I'll just go in for a couple of hours." I thought to myself...then reality set in Friday morning and I told Justin that I wasn't going to go in at all. So we left for San Jose at 9:30 instead.

We made it to San Jose and to see Shannon's departmental graduation. Because she was named outstanding senior for the Dance department, she was able to perform her solo dance, that she choreographed herself. And wow, was she fantastic! She is a stunning dancer and her emotions show straight through her dance, you can feel her energy and her joy. She has become quite the professional.

Justin and I helped set up for her BBQ and Party-Time-Party-Time Party Saturday evening. We stayed there as long as we could and flew the coup to head up to my sister's house in Placerville. We arrived at midnight, after much reassurance from Carol that she and Shawn would be awake and that we were not inconveniencing them.

We all stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning talked and headed to bed. Justin and I slept downstairs with the pugs so as to not have Carol and Shawn hear the pugs bark every few minutes until they fell asleep.

Then after we all slept in until about 8:30, Carol and I got up and made the hour trek to Ikea - but because she wanted to go...I reluctantly dragged my feet to walk into one of my favorite was a difficult task but because Carol is my sister I made the sacrifice. After we got back, we picked up Chinese food to go for us and the husbands at home, where Shawn was busy working on the house and Justin was "out at sea" (see earlier post). We ate lunch and then hung out for hours. Vanessa, Carol's friend since they were gosh...since I can't remember when, headed up to Placerville. She arrived around 10:00pm, just in time for a BBQ that Carol and Shawn were making. Oh somewhere in between lunch and the BBQ, Justin ran out and picked up 3 cases of Mike's Hard if the 5 of us would drink a little over a half of a case each. Justin was up for the challenge but the rest of us put in some effort but not enough. Anywho, the BBQ was fabulous, Carol tried a new marinade for the tri tip and for the chicken, super yum. We then stayed up until around 2 am and fell asleep for a really good nights rest for me and Justin.

Monday, Justin and I were suppose to leave early and head home so we could hang out and work on Hanly's Hounds stuff. That did not happen. And I'm glad it didn't. We just relaxed all day, went out to lunch and all took a food coma nap. There is nothing better than an afternoon nap on a holiday. After we all woke up, we played Wii - a little getting use to but fun. Then we started accessing the internet using the Wii to look up videos on UTube. It was awesome. Finally, around a quarter to nine in the evening, Justin and I decided to finally go home - a hard decision for me because I was so relaxed and so happy, I didn't want to get back to the daily grind...not that my daily grind is bad at all, but being so relaxed I didn't want to leave.

We got home around midnight and the inside of our house was a stale 80 degrees at midnight, so we opened all the windows, put fans in the windows and off to bed we went.

We had a fabulous weekend which started out with a lot of activity and ended with complete relaxation. I would like to extend my gratitude to Carol and Shawn for their wonderful hospitality and opening their home and treating us as if it were our home too.

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