Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter book

My Mom ordered the last Harry Potter book for me, my sister and her about 3 months ago. I didn't believe that Amazon would deliver the books on the release date (they amazingly did!) so I dragged Justin out on Friday night to Walmart to get the book at 12:01 am Saturday morning. We drove down to Walmart at got there at 8:00 pm to get a wristband to hold our place in line and then left...we went to dinner, which was nice...we drove around Reno...we got some ice cream...we went to the Grand Sierra Resort (formerly the Hilton...I'll blog about this later).

We arrived back at Walmart by 10:30 pm and there were about 30 people in front of biggie. I asked Justin to go get me a fold out chair from the garden section while he wandered around the store. I waited in line, perfectly happy sitting there. I was sandwiched between two women who were obviously huge fans of the books and going through all of the possible endings and backing up what they think with mad facts from the books. They also painstakingly critiqued all of the movies, etc. Neurotic but fun. The time flew by and we got our book just after midnight. I'm actually glad that we went there and waited in line because it was an experience to have 300 other people at this Walmart waiting for a was pretty cool.

Now the other reason why this Walmart trip was so freakin' cool is that JK Rowling walked through the door to sign the newly released books.

Did your heart just stop? I'm kidding...she didn't walk into a Reno...but really, our trip was awesome because we picked up a Wii for my Mom and Ken (we volunteered to wait in line on Sunday morning for a Wii for them at a Circuit City). Justin and I went to the tech section of Walmart earlier in the evening to look at Wii games and didn't spot the Wii consoles. Note the plural of console, there were TWO Wiis there and we didn't see them. It wasn't until we grabbed our Harry Potter books that Justin saw a random customer with a Wii we hightailed it to the back of the store with our Harry Potter books in search for the Wii. AND THEY HAD ONE LEFT! So we grabbed it, all of the accessories, the games, etc. that my Mom asked for and checked out back in the tech section. Oh, did I forget to tell you that Walmart, in their ingenious wisdom had THREE whole registers open up in the front of the store for THREE HUNDRED Harry Potter fans? Yeah, so we were more than happy to check out in the back of the store with NO ONE in front of us in line.

That was why our trip was so awesome...we avoided having to wait in line at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning, instead I can write this. And now it's back to the Harry Potter book...I'm half way done and determined to finish TODAY!


Carol said...

Oh please - don't ruin it for me after you're are a much faster reader than I am. I read your blog faithfully - - - and if you put a spoiler in your blog, I might just have to use the Petrificus Totalus curse on you! :)

Melanie said...

I can't tell anyone the ending...I took a pledge not to. Granted it was an internet pledge to not reveal the secret..but because I pledged I so won't! But that is why I had to get the book early...I can't avoid the media all week until I finish it. I have to get it done now!