Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Weekend...A Dick in a Box

Justin and I went to a storage unit auction on Saturday...it was definitely a new experience for me.
  1. I felt bad for going to an auction and bidding on someone else's stuff that they have abandoned at a storage unit, probably because they couldn't pay the bill.
  2. The people that attend a storage unit auction are quite scary and I would NOT feel comfortable attending one of those by myself, even if it was at noon, in the open with 30 cops surrounding me. Only Justin could have made me feel comfortable in that crowd.
We did not bid on a storage unit, but if we wanted to clear out the unit, sort through all of the crap that we wouldn't need, make a dump run, etc...the prices were clearly right. Storage unit bidding started at $5 for the unit and didn't get above $25 for the unit. If we wanted to do the clean up work, there were some units that would have been a huge bargain. But I didn't want to spend the day clearing it out.

Then after the storage unit auction, Justin and I did some grocery shopping at Costco and Walmart. Goodness, it will be fantastic once our Walmart opens here in Fernley...then we can do our grocery shopping in town...less than 2 miles away. Right now we have to travel about 30 miles. There is a grocery store in town, but because they are the only ones in town, they charge an arm and a leg.

After grocery shopping we came home...with the song "dick in a box" in our heads because that is all we listened to for the whole day while driving. Over and over and over again. I found a way to put the SNL (soon to be classic) on CD (you can watch it here) so we could be amused throughout the day. But I didn't think we would listen to it over and over and over again.

Yes, it totally amused us but by 3pm...we were so done with the song and were groaning when the other person would make a reference to it. But we each couldn't help referencing it...either a hand motion or just a couple of little words...it had to get out of our heads one way or another and if it meant that Justin had to suffer, that is what it meant. And he felt the same way. No mercy on either of us. But it was our own damn faults. Justin kept saying the word "Chanukah." That would gain a chuckle from me, then a groan, then a "damnit!" because then the song (which had just left my head momentarily) was back in there with a follow through for Justin "dick in a box" from me. It was nonstop. Non stop.

Sunday arrived and after releasing "dick in a box" in favor of other songs that equally get stuck in my head - Justin and I decided to go see Pirates. Then we changed our minds and said that we weren't going to do it because it takes almost an hour to get to the theaters then it is a 3 hour movie and an hour to get back..it would be a 5 hour event on a Sunday and we just weren't ready to commit that amount of time this particular Sunday. And we were settled on that decision. But then Justin went to go check his email, leaving me alone in our messy living room knowing that our messy kitchen was sitting right behind me staring me down, begging me to clean it. So I freaked and told Justin I changed my mind and we should go to the movies...he agreed. The pressure to clean, etc was too much. So we left our house and went to see Pirates at a new Century theater, which had the best popcorn we have ever had! Super tasty.

Oh and around 4am on Sunday morning, I created the following ad for our free ads in the Lahnontan Valley Newspaper

What do you think? I wanted to do something simple and attention grabbing. Especially since the ad is going to be only a 1x2 inch.

And I'm out.

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