Monday, June 18, 2007

Mad Money

So I came into some mad money recently.... $100.00 to be exact. The instructions were to do something for me and me alone. So I did.

I just purchased one ticket...thats right, one ticket for me to see Lyle Lovett in concert at The Nugget for Tuesday 7/17. And check this out...because I purchased one ticket I was able to get a front row table. (Yes, there are tables instead of stadium seating at The Nugget). I am too excited!

This is my theory about the single ticket purchases, I like going to places by myself - events that I know Justin will not want to go to. This works in my favor several ways (1) We don't have to spend money on for an event that he really doesn't want to go to (2) I don't have to worry about him having a good time, therefore I get to enjoy myself even more (3) I get killer seating!

And by the way, Lyle Lovett is FANTASTIC in concert. Absolutely FANTASTIC!

I'm going to go see Lyle Lovett...I'm going to go see Lyle Lovett...I'm going to go see Lyle Lovett...

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