Sunday, May 13, 2007

Unfinished Vacation blog

As promised I am going to tell you all about my recent vacation(s). I put the "s" on there because it was like 3 mini vacations rolled up into 9 days. Now, you can look at my selected pictures with comments here: or you can view all of our pictures without comments here:

Or you can just read about it (I'm going to be brief because I have loads of stuff to do today for Hanly's Hounds) here:

Friday: We drove down to San Jose and spent the night at Justin's parents house Friday April 28th or 27th, something like that. They just had their wood floors refinished, so we were only able to briefly walk around in our socks, the dogs stayed in the garage and backyard during the day and then were carried to the guest room at night to sleep with their babies (their stuffed dogs that they have to sleep with).

Saturday: Saturday morning we drove to Hez and Yvette's house in Pinon Hills, California (about an hour away from LA).

Hez was working until 9pm so when we finally arrived we were able to spend some quality time with Yvette and their dog Stubbs. Justin and I absolutely love Yvette, she is so smart and funny. Hez and Yvette make such a wonderful, amazing couple. They are going to be married for 5 years at the end of June this year. Justin and I really want them to come up to our house and visit or somehow plan a vacation with them...oh I would love that! Anywho, back to the vacation...I'm trying to be brief, remember. Justin, Yvette and I headed to Hez's work, Mimi's Cafe to have dinner and catch a glimpse of Hez in his stunning white chef's coat. I'm so proud of him and he really likes working there. We had a few drinks, a wonderful (comped) dinner, thanks to Hez. Thank you again, Hez. Then when Hez was relieved from his duties for the night we headed back to their house for a wonderfully fun time, sitting around their kitchen table for hours and hours. I think we all finally went to be around 2:30 am - now mind you, Justin and I had plans on leaving their house at 7 am to go to Disneyland. And to my surprise, we stuck to those plans.

Sunday: So after a good 4 hours of sleep, I got up, showered and said our goodbyes way too soon (I'm really thinking we need to take a couples vacation with Hez and Yvette in the next couple of years...I'm not going to be able to let this one go) and headed out to LA.

We arrived at our hotel, Homewood Suites, at 9:00 am, hoping that they could hold our luggage until the afternoon when check-in was, around 3:00 pm. But they let us check in right then and there. I have NEVER come across such a helpful front desk person at a hotel before...she said we could check in right then, she told us that we could go to their continental breakfast they were still serving, she was able to get us tickets for the bus route that runs to all of the hotels in the area...she was amazing. So we got settled in about 30 minutes and then we were headed to the bus and to Disneyland by 10 am.

(This is turning out much longer than expected so far and we are only on day 3...I need to start glossing over the details and stick to the meat and potatoes....good luck to me...)

We had a wonderful day at Disneyland. Then I told Justin about the Hidden Mickeys. (Definition from What are Hidden Mickeys?
A hidden Mickey is a partial or complete impression of Mickey Mouse placed by the Imagineers and artists to blend into the designs of Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.)
And Justin was obsessed, so was I.

Monday: The Hidden Mickey search was on. And we found a few in both Disneyland and California Adventure.

Tuesday: We spent half a day at Disneyland and I was done...done by 9:30 am...


I'm so done with this done...I've tried to restart it several times. So here is the extremely brief breakdown.

Wednesday, Thursday - on the boat from SF to Vancouver. It was fun.

Friday through Monday - spent time in Vancouver, White Rock, went to North Vancouver and hiked...went to Stanley Park. It was fun.

Done. Phew!

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