Monday, May 14, 2007

BMW Blog

BMW = Bitching, Moaning and Whining. And I intend to do all of these this blog. In fact, I'm going to create a label called BMW because this might be the perfect way to vent all of my future BMWs...

BMW # 1: I am in the process of writing the vacation blog, which is my first BMW. I can’t seem to keep it brief. Even though in the blog I started off by saying that I am going to keep it brief. Why I am so longwinded, I don’t know. So it is a work in progress and I will keep it brief from the point where I will pick it up again.

BMW # 2: I’m BMW’ing about the fact that we have a Chamber of Commerce Mixer that we (Justin) scheduled for this Friday. We just got back from vacation, had to recover and now we have a huge cleaning of the garage (where the mixer will be held since we have the bar and pool table in there). Plus we have to clean the house because some people are going to have to use the restroom…so the whole house has to be cleaned. This has been a huge source of stress for me for two reasons:

1) The money…this is an expensive party, although it is really 3 parties in one: The Chamber Mixer, our “left over” party the day after and then decorations and some food will be used for Carol’s 30th Birthday party. And we have our mortgage increasing in July…and we really don’t have the money to do this, but we committed to it and we are doing it.

2) The cleaning…there is a lot of it and I’m stressed and pressed for time.

BMW #3: Justin and I did shopping all day in Reno for the party. All day. Let me stress that again, ALL DAY! So because that wore us out so much paired with us already being exhausted from our vacation, we did absolutely nothing yesterday, even though we have a huge list of things to do. Actually, absolutely nothing isn’t fully accurate. We sat on our asses, I watched TV while Justin played his new Pirate PSP game…we barely had enough energy to scavenge around our house for food, and had to figure out what could be made in the microwave since our sink is full of dishes and God forbid we actually did the dishes so we could actually cook a meal …anyway sometime around 5:00 pm I had just enough energy to start two loads of laundry.

I put the first load in and transferred that to the dryer, work clothes pretty much for both Justin and I. The second load had all of our underwear...we were both wearing our last pairs on Sunday, which is probably why I was able to muster the “just enough” energy to start the laundry, out of necessity only. If we each had one more pair of clean underwear or underwear that we wore for ½ day only, I can tell you that no laundry would have been done yesterday at all. I had run out of energy…the load with our underwear in it was left all night sitting in the washer waiting for the dryer convinced that I was going to transfer it into the dryer this morning. Which I did. Kind of.

I was so tired this morning (see BMW #4) that I transferred all of the clothes from the dryer to hangers and actually hung up all of our clothes. Then I transferred all of the underwear and other items from the washer to the dryer before I got in the shower so I would have a nice pair of clean, warm undies for work. I turned the dial to 70 minutes and got in the shower. But I forgot to put the Start button…so I got out of the shower and had 10 minutes to dry my hair and get dressed….I went to claim my warm, dry underwear and found cold wet ones waiting for me. So while I dried my hair, I took a pair of wet undies and try to get them as dry as I could with my hairdryer in between trying to dry my hair. So I wore wet underwear to work today. Nice. They are dry now. But for the first 2 hours this morning they were wet, then damp underwear. I love Mondays!

BMW #4: I woke up at 3:00 am in a panic of all of the things to do for this partying weekend, making lists in my head, telling myself to shut up and stop all of the self talk. It didn’t work. I tossed and turned the rest of the morning. At one point I did fall asleep and have the most awesome, awesome dream…! Not really a BMW, but I’m going to tell you about the dream anyway: I dreamt that the Fernley High School wanted to use our house for their Prom the day before our Chamber Mixer. Begrudgingly Justin said yes to them and I wanted to say no. So we left our house a mess, thinking that they didn’t need a clean house to have a Prom in…but when we returned mid-prom event, we found out that the Fernley High School Prom Committee had cleaned our house spotlessly for their prom and left it just as clean when they were done! How awesome is that? I can’t tell you how happy that made Justin and I. We were so thrilled and so relieved in my dream. Then that same dream I found out I was pregnant (so Carol, you aren’t the only one having dreams that I’m pregnant).

Not a BMW #1: All day yesterday Justin spent playing his new Pirates PSP game, he was completely caught up in it, I was able to watch 5 Tivo’d episodes of Oprah and various other programs that only I watch, and he did not have the compulsory need to leave the room, he stayed the whole time. So the evening rolled around and he finally stopped playing his game long enough to help me open the windows in the house because it was at the point where it was cooler outside than inside. He asked if I really wanted the windows open and I said yes I was warm. I asked why he asked me that. Was he not warm? He replied, “I’m not warm…I’ve been out a sea all day.” Way too much PSP…way too much!

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